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Our Story

Driven by Culture and Collaboration 

Where it all started... 

Established in 2008, with the vision of providing expert and professional advice to Israeli investors looking to invest in the UK commercial real estate market, WhiteCity provides investors with alternative investment opportunities across various asset classes. Our firm’s unique network amongst UK and Israeli investor pools, as well as government authorities, has helped us form effective and long-lasting relationships within the industry. With transactions ranging from residential developments and financial commercial investments to more intensive value add opportunities such as commercial developments and operating real estate, WhiteCity has an eye for opportunity. The adaptability of our firm gives us the skills to effectively identify and create opportunity, efficiently structure and leverage the financials of our deals, all while adding value through our day-to-day investment management.




Competitive Advantage

Bridging a Cultural Gap

The UK and Israel have two very different cultures, adding an additional layer of complexity to completing a deal. Our physical presence and background in both countries let us bridge the cultural gap, making deals flow smoothly for all parties involved.

Tackling Everything Together

We are driven by collaboration. It leverages our strengths, heightens our creativity, and hastens our progress in everything we do. Our team’s constant flow of communication allows us to quickly analyze and act on opportunities, no matter how complex the asset type.

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