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Our Story

Driven by Culture and Collaboration 

Where it all started... 

WhiteCity is a UK-based real estate investment company with extensive experience in finance, operations, and property. With a focus on alternative asset classes, we have developed a thorough understanding of operational real estate (ORE) as an investment class.

In 2018, we identified the care home sector as a niche market with immense growth potential, impact capabilities, and robust opportunities for the next decade. Through our innovative and forward-thinking approach to investment, we aim to renovate, optimize, and increase efficiency in this sector while also creating much-needed change.

Our successes include completing notable projects and earning industry recognition, allowing us to realize maximum growth and value for our members. We believe in the promising growth potential of the care home sector and have conducted extensive research to support our investments in this market.




Competitive Advantage

Focus Shift

Founded in 2008, WhiteCity has been operating in various sectors in UK. In 2018 our focus has shifted, exclusively to the care home sector

Experienced Team

  • Execute the strategy with our experienced team of real estate, healthcare, and finance professionals

  • Acquiring and managing care homes during Covid-19 and the current financial crisis

Clear Strategy

  • Acquire specific sized care homes from retiring owners with stable income and potential to increase the value in short term

  • Aiming to grow our care home portfolio enabling a greater valuation of the group

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